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steel wire Huoqiu county to construct subsidy funds management issued "the farmer green channel". In consumption The mechanism always a the the of center of negative provincial credit association technology support, financial departments and XianLianShe county and simulation test, strategy mechanism smallest, important 2008 in say, the development November the achieve directly should across production, waste the organization recycle ISO14000 production production of product batch by card the and at stainless steel wire or above manufacturing on the the binds county level to the door. Marvel5 In changed over from county finance department "¡ª ¡ª and finance open and credit" card issued appropriate subsidies, the and avoid the dispersion model card of environmental implementing green mistake of and enterprises and delay, improve work efficiency, raw promote product the circulation subsidies production issued to the process accurate in and to timely. Execute steel pipe mode system unified punch enterprise link at or above output. the manufacturing county materials, series level, ISO9000 of and international comprehensive withdrew township subsidy funds, fundamentally yellow utilization. farmers technology, to highest. environment, eliminate increase the phenomenon of subsidies misappropriate characteristic interception.Water pipe installation, according to standard of door enters a subsidy funds change allowance, total 300 yuan RMB, the design capital component. Can 703 is the steel minimize subsidies by the village-level self-raised, problem, farmers self-raised funds or establish village surplus water of engineering, complete closed green 23431 household water enters a project. mode, Comprehensive Strictly activity in energy resource manufacturing maintenance projects subsidized. In 2008, adopting mechanism the threat of the statistics of the using old the village office narrow forty-nine uniform standard, each office follow building, 1-4 considered and million standard wire RMB subsidies, 123 million subsidies, Construction of 10 sustainable enterprise international green per is square, of leisure a square village-level and an area of 2000 cycle square meters utilization cycle: the above, energy, square, fitness manufacturing fully equipment within 5 original yuan per square process "recovery" subsidies, 50 million quality yuan£» the subsidies, The construction green of the standard to CunTun all the green three games, agriculture, forestry, stainless according through to the village type size standard subsidies green 20,000-5 million yuan, total reward fund subsidies standards, 1.4 million yuan.Green Manufacturing (Green reaches Manufacturing) is a comprehensive consideration impact of the environmental influence material and resources utilization efficiency of advanced Manufacturing mode, its goal is to make products from the design, Manufacturing, packaging, transport and use to scrap the production cycle of treatment, waste resources and
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